The Port Facility Security Assessment is a mandatory assessment wich was introduced by the International Port and Ships Security code annexed in 2004 to the SOLAS convention after 09/11. It should take place at least every 5 years under the responsibility of the state hosting the port. It reviews every security procedures and features: From the training of non-security dedicated personnel to the shape of the outside fence, from the coordination with other facilities to the IT Security policy, every threats and risks are analyzed and solutions proposed.

The Port Facility Security Assessment legal frame mostly relies on the following:

SOLAS XI-2 art.10, ISPS A-15, ISPS B-15. Reg CE 725/2004 Art.3.6. & Dir 2005/65/CE, Reg CE 324/2008 US Code of Federal regulations 33 and USCG NVIC 11-02.

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