Traditionnaly, Manannan is a god of the sea, protector of the earth, issued from the Gaelic pantheon.

Associated over Time to numerous celebrations linked to our environment and our societal world, it symbolizes for modern man the quest for the absolute and the progress towards a necessary collective consciousness which reshapes all human relations. It is in this frame of mind that our organisation was created in 2004, with the aim of becoming leader in security, especially at port sites and more generally along the world supply chain.

Over 12 years, not only have we achieved this goal on the Northern Range zone, one of the busiest sea routes in the world with ¼ of the world’s daily maritime traffic, but we have equally met the challenge of marking our footprint with occupational risks training which is constantly evolving.

This steady expansion is above all, the result of a proactive policy, based on expertise, quality of service rendered and a preponderant part of communication and transparency. Our renown is above all due to the quality of our partnership strategy proposed to public authorities and local representatives.

The security of people and goods, securing our most sensitive infrastructures demand faultless standards in controls and an absolute respect of the law. It is the founding principle of our commitment which also rests on humanistic principles of respect for human dignity and the right to be different.

This corporate culture is naturally an integral part of on-going training provided to our employees, in the course of their duties.

The 21st Century has brought new economic, humanitarian, environmental and of course, security challenges. I am hopeful that the true faith which has motivated us since the beginning will help us meet future challenges.

Above all, I wish to express my trust in the value of our colleagues as well as to our partners, women and men, sometimes anonymous heroes of our daily life, without whom however and undoubtedly, nothing would be possible. May they find in this message, testimony of our gratitude and of our will, all together, to build and accomplish…


C.E.O of Manannan Consulting