A Drill is a limited quarterly event aiming at the practice and test of specific procedures and features or even parts of the Port Facility. An Exercise is a large scale annual event aiming at the global test of the Port Facility Security involving every part of the facility and all its personnel following a plausible scenario from the assessed table of threats and risks.

The legal frame is mostly the following ISPS code articles:  A.1.3.7, A.17.2.3, A.17.2.8, A.18.3, A.18.4, B 14, B 15.11, B 16.3.6, B 18.5, B 18.6, B.16.5, B.18.4.

Those two events aim to test, security policy, plans and procedures and allow to assess them. They allow to identify security breaches and weaknesses. They improve readiness in case of major crisis. Manannan Consulting manage and run those events from the very beginning starting with months ahead planification to the mandatory after action report and experience capitalization.

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