What is Port Security?

Port Security is an ancient concern that used to be the duty of navies and coast guards. With the disparition of organized piracy during the XIXth century and the expend of “Blue Waters Navies” following the adoption of steam and then oil for propulsion, Port Security has became a minor activity mostly concerning smugglers and law enforcement issues after WWII.

And then… 9/11:2011 happenened.

The London diplomatic conference held in 2002 issued what has became since 2004 the International Ships and Ports Security Code introduced in international laws as an amendment to the SOLAS convention.

We at MANANNAN Consulting help Ports and Maritime professionals to comply with the international and national laws guided or inspired by the ISPS code. As the Rotterdam Port Authority stated in 2004… port security didn’t jeopardized their efficiency… it has improved it by far, throwing them into the XXIst Century.