The Periodical Port Facility Security Assessment

What is a Periodical Port Facility Security Assessment?

The Port Facility Security Assessment is a mandatory assessement introduced by the International Port and Ships Security code annexed in 2004 to the SOLAS convention after 09/11/01. It should occurs at least every 5 years under the responsabilty of the state hosting the port.

The assessment review every security procedures and features: From the training of non security dedicated personnel to the shape of the outside fence, from the coordination with other facilities to the IT Security politic, every threats and risks are analyzed and solutions proposed.


5 years…. it is a bit of a long time when you know how fast, modern threats are evolving. Please have a look over your shoulder…. Could you have imagined in 1996 that USA will suffer such a massive scale terrorist attack or that piracy wouldl raise again in the era of modern connected warships?

In some countries, especially concerned by terrorism those last years like France, the Official Port Facility Security Assessment oftenly occurs every 3 years and in case of high risks facilities… every year.

OK… we hear you… such an assessment has a cost and could be seen as an annoyance. So why helding it more oftenly the the law say it should?

Again think about it for 5 minutes…

First… YOU are responsible for the security of your facility and the people working on it. You don’t really want to gamble with it don’t you?

Second… If the Official assessment point out serious failures in your Port Facility Security Plan, do you really think they will take your promise to correct it at face value? NO, of course they won’t. It means that you will have to invest a lot of money in a very short time to correct it ASAP. So running an assessment every two year for exemple will allow you to anticipate any investment and spending in security features that will soon become mandatory and to schedule it for the years to follow.

And Finally… we all know that everyday security of a facility drains your energy and mind. Managing the emergencies and everyday issues is the very core of the security manager function. It is very hard to be able to see the larger picture in this position, very difficult to be sure that you comply with all the regulations, to be sure that you are able to deal with any plausible foe… that’s why we are here to help you.

The periodical Port Facility Security Assessment is provided in the International Port & Ships Security code and now you know the reason for it. Not to be an annoyance, but to help you to sustainabily manage your security as well as ensuring you meet the mandatory standarts.