ISPS Drills and Exercises

The ISPS code provides regulations and guidances about drills and exercises for Security and Non-security personnel:

Under the provisions of the ISPS Code Part A, Sections 18.3 and 18.4 and Part B, Sections 18.4, 18.5 and 18.6, Port Facilities are required to conduct maritime security drills at least every three months and participate in maritime security exercises at least once a calendar year, with not more than 18 months between exercises.

Manannan Consulting offers you its expertise in port security to help you to comply with those regulations.

And there is a reason for those regulations. Like the ancient legendary foe, the Kraken, that is said to dwell off the coasts of nothern atlantic, the threat upon port and maritime security can take any shapes and strike anywhere. That’s why apart regular security assessement, drills and exercises both live and theorical HAVE to be held.

We now that setting up such drills and exercies is difficult and takes a lot of time and means when your daily security tasks already drains a lot of it.

That’s why we have a highly skilled team able to set up and organize your drill and training program. Working as an Opposing Force or “Red Team” we follow the International Maritime Organisation Guidances to provide you a full range of drill and exercises: from the live full scale joint services annual drill to the online periodic training of individual personnel.