Combining Private Investigation, Intelligence analysis, Threats survey and analysis, Security procedures and regulations, Assets security plans and assessment, Physical security, Security forces training, Coordination of safety and security forces with a Risk Management dimension, each time in close relationship with local Law Enforcement agencies and with the resiliency of the economic activity second only to human life in mind:

Private security actually protects Critical Infrastructure from all-domain threats all over the world, including Cyber.

Technological advances have spawned increasing challenges and risks that threaten our World’s security and prosperity. But it can also fuel unprecedented growth and efficiency in our sector, and Manannan is committed to that.

The ports, waterways, and inland rivers of nations give them tremendous global economic advantages. The world economic prosperity is inextricably linked to its “maritime infrastructure and highway system.” More than 90 percent of the world’s goods and over $4 trillion of economic activity for the US only are supported by the networked global maritime supply chain. Manannan works with industry and states to ensure this economic engine operates safely and efficiently.