Manannan is a private international service of security armed with broad skills and experience and backed up with a large network of security companies and professionals with assets all over the world. We play a pivotal role in securing some strategic areas and assets of the western hemisphere. Our partnerships and commitments with major nations are unique to our Service and make us a major actor in the fight against criminal networks, terrorism and rogue entities everywhere our services are committed.

Manannan is a rare private agency capable of providing high level intelligence, analysis, threats assessments, security plans and policies, assets and VIP protection, either on shore or at sea. Despite being a private service, we can act efficiently especially because of it. Supported by our western hemisphere implantations and driven by our worldwide expansion strategy, Manannan will continue to protect our world by severing the financial supply lines of criminal networks, interdicting smuggling, terrorism and economic terror especially where they are most vulnerable: At sea!

The sea is where states’ rights are the less assured, stated French Cardinal and Prime Minister Richelieu back in the 1640’s. But Mankind is also tied to the ocean as clearly stated President Kennedy. Naturally that’s where we started our work.

We are committed to intelligence driving our operations and providing tactical advantage in our risk based strategy and operations making the protection of our partners activities and assets the key of a more secured world for all.