Transnational criminal networks thrive on instability in Africa, Middle East, South and Central America. Drug-fueled violence from these networks corrupts the rule of law and has forced historic levels of migration throughout the world and western hemisphere borders.

These networks historically smuggle drugs and weapons, but today their own violence created a whole new market for them: People smuggling. And this market sustains itself for illicit profits wreaks havoc wherever they flow. The past two years have been historic highs in the flow of illegal drugs and people all over the world.

Manannan is born from the will of former law enforcement and defense professionals to provide a response to the game change introduced by 09/11/01 and the following collapse of borders between organized crime, terrorism and rogue states. New challenges meant new solutions. It was time for private security to make a step forward as states engaged in a world war against terror more and more obviously needed a serious back up from the private sector they were protecting.